Wheatsheaf Boot Cuffs Knitting Pattern

I don’t know about you, but I hate cold ankles.  Especially where my bootcut or skinny jeans don’t reach the top of my shoes and there’s an annoying gap.   I tend to wear boot cuffs and they’re such a quick knit they also make a great Christmas Gift.  There, I’ve said it, the C word.  I’m sorry, but it’s got to be done.

The Wheatsheaf Boot Cuffs are a very quick knit, great for gifts (Christmas knitting alert!) and will help you use up some stash.   I used just over 200 yds of the Lamb’s Pride Worsted for the Turquoise pair of Wheatsheaf boot cuffs, using 5.5mm needles for the cables and 3.75mm needles for the ribbed cuff.    The purple pair of Wheatsheaf boot cuffs are made using Knit Picks WOTA Superwash and I dropped to 5mm needles for the cable section.    Super speedy and they fit over my welly boots, my ankle boots and even my wide fit knee high leather boots.

The Wheatsheaf Boot Cuffs match the Wheatsheaf Hat, Wheatsheaf Cowl and Wheatsheaf Mittens.  We also recently added the Wheatsheaf Aran Socks to the collection.

Wheatsheaf boot Cuffs, shown in Turquoise and Purple

Wheatsheaf Boot Cuffs in Knit Picks WOTA Amethyst Heather, Turquoise Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted

Wheatsheaf Boot Cuff in Turquoise, Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted.

Wheatsheaf Boot Cuff in Turquoise, Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted.





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