Our Modular Cardigan Knitting Pattern Collection

Our Modular Cardigan Knitting Pattern Collection

Introducing our Modular Cardigan Knittern Pattern Collection

Our Modular Cardigan Collection is available on Ravelry.com for a discounted price, compared to buying individual patterns.

Our original design was the Amazing Modular Baby Cardigan

This pattern was the result of accidental messing around with some Lion Brand Amazing yarn.  I loved seeing how it knitted up in modular squares.  I ended up designing the Amazing Modular Baby Cardigan which is super cute and so popular 7 years later.

Amazing Modular Baby Cardigan Pattern

Amazing Modular Baby Cardigan Pattern

Next on the list and by request was the Adult Modular Cardigan

This time I knitted the cardigan with some Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice (a heavy worsted/aran weight) yarn.  It’s a boxy Chanel style jacket and sized from 32-64 inch bust.  You can buy the Adult Modular Cardigan pattern here.

Adult Modular Cardigan Pattern

Adult Modular Cardigan Pattern

Next is the Sockyarn Modular Baby Jacket

The Sockyarn Modular Baby Jacket was designed to a skein or just over for the largest size, of sock yarn.  It means you can use up those odd skeins of superwash sock.  Also, a busy Mum can have a machine washable version of the cardigan.

 Sockyarn Modular Baby Jacket

Sockyarn Modular Baby Jacket

Modular Kids Cardigan sized for birth to 12 years approx

The sample for the Modular Kids Cardigan, is knitted with James Brett Marble Chunky and is a very quick knit.  It’s always a big hit at show.  Every loves this Autumnal colourway.  You could use any chunky yarn.  But I do love the Brett Marble Chunky and it’s easy to wash for busy parents.

Kids Modular Cardigan Pattern

Kids Modular Cardigan Pattern

Aline Modular Cardigan

This green sample knitted and worn by the gorgeous Mirella is our Aline Modular Cardigan, sizes from 32-64 inch bust.  The lower body has a gentle Aline shape to flatter your figure.  Knitted with Aran/Heavy Worsted Weight yarn, it’s a quick and fun knit with no seaming.

Adult Modular Cardigan Pattern

Adult Modular Cardigan Pattern

Why Knit a Modular Cardigan?

Well, I didn’t enjoy seaming in those days.   Isn’t it amazing how creative the brain can be when it wants to get away from doing something it doesn’t like?   Since then, I’ve learned to love seaming.  It does add structure to some garments.  The modular joining method used in these patterns gives as structure and strength to the garment but without the need for seaming.

If you are new to modular knitting, you can join pieces later and knit them in separate pieces.   But, I promise it’s worth learning.  Just trust the pattern and follow the instructions.  I’m here to help if you need me.

All pieces are join as you go, knitted on from one another, sometimes in another direction.  You won’t get bored, that’s for sure!

You can learn how to make squares on the bias for a lovely draping fabric, how to strategically place decreases to make a half square and show the seams as a decorative element.   There’s lots to learn but I promise that an adventurous beginner will be able to do it!

Do I need to add the icord edgings to my finished garment?

In short, yes you do.  The iCord edgings are there for a reason.  For the baby modular cardigan, they help to size the garment and bring in the neckline and shoulders to fit the child.  If you don’t add the icord edging to the cardigan you’ll end up with a floppy, oversized garment for your child.

For the Kids and Adults sizes, it’s not essential, but it does provide a professional finish to your garment.  by this time, you’ll have spent money on a pattern, some lovely yarn and your precious time.   I’d have thought an extra few hours to take your cardigan from That’s Nice to WOW was absolutely worth it?

It’s a little bit of icord to knit.  Take a deep breath, sit in a comfy chair, grab a cuppa and binge watch your favourite series on Netflix.




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Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys, Softies etc

Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys, Softies etc

Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys, Softies and Cuddly Gift Knit and Crochet ideas

I’m not really a maker of toys, but I have made them in the past, usually as a gift for a new family member or just for fun, but this year’s Gift A-long has really opened my eyes to some incredible designs and I thought I’d share them with you.

First up

Leisurely Llama

I couldn’t resist this cute Llama, look at that adorable little face.    This one is crocheted and uses simple stitches, it looks like a quick make and you could customize the colours to suit the recipient.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys Llama to crochet

Hartley the Fox

I love this cute little fox and the designer has an amazing range of toy patterns to choose from, it was hard to single out Hartley the Fox, but as I’ve seen so many Fox cushions and mugs this Autumn/Winter season, it had to be him.  All the stitches are explained in a very comprehensive pattern, with plenty of help.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys Fox to crochet

Cinnamon the little Deer

As well as making a very sweet toy, I can see this one being a favourited Christmas Decoration in our house and being pride of place every year.    I love the little antlers and the sweet expression on his/her face.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys Crochet Reindeer

Giraffe Zoo Kids

My niece, Meghan, loves giraffes and she would go ga-ga over this pattern.  I love the outfits and the felted mane, really pretty details and a comprehensive pattern to take you through every stage of the process.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys Crochet Giraffes


It’s been a long time since I made dolls clothes but this little ensemble did catch my eye with pretty cable details that any little girl would love.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys Dolls Outfit to knit

Hobgoblin Amigurumi

I love this little Hobgoblin, his fearsome teeth and beady eyes, great fun.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys crochet


this sweet little doll has two heads, one awake and one asleep featuring pretty embroidery and a lace dress.  Ideal for keeping little ones quiet or for cuddling to sleep.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys knitted comfort dolly

Family Purr

Cute, cuddly and quick to make, this is a nice easy knit and who wouldn’t want a house full of kitties?  Claire is a member of Team Bundle in the Indie Design Gift Along 2018 and we’re so glad to have her help us.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys knitted cats

Sweet dog Charlie

I love this sweet little pup with his cute outfit, bag, jacket and floppy ears.   This looks like a quick and interesting knit.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys knitted dog

December Mice

More crochet and with it being so close to Christmas I had to include them.    The little tree lights and decorations are the perfect finishing touches.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys crochet mice with tree

Dashing Dachshund

This is alwas popular in the gift along and I love seeing the colours chosen for both the dog and the colourwork pattern.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys knitted dog

Dancing Owl

This one might take a little extra effort with it’s overlay crochet details but look at the wonderful colours and textures?  It’s worth every minute you spend on it.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys Crochet owl

Gingerbread Boy and Girl

I couldn’t resist this cute pair of Gingerbread boy and girl, lovely details and pretty outfits, they’ll make fabulous gifts or a decoration you’ll want to use every year.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys Crochet Gingerbread


And finally, for this selection, I had to include some Minions, they’re just so cute!
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Toys knit Minions


A Magnus for Maxwell

A Magnus for Maxwell

I’m working on a Magnus for Maxwell my cousin’s little boy.   The pattern Magnus is by Jenny Wiebe.  I’m using some James C Brett Marble Chunky in grey.   I’ve picked a machine wash yarn as both my cousin and her husband work full time and what parent has time to hand wish little clothes?

The finished Magnus for Maxwell is a cute hooded cardigan and sized from newborn to 8 years.   I’m making the 2 yr size with longer arms and body because both of Max’s parents are tall, his Dad especially.

It features ribbing, a textured pattern and is worked top down, starting with the hood and so far, it’s been a really enjoyable and quick knit.   The texture pattern is charted and written and she explains how to incorporate that pattern and keep it correct as you increase for the raglans.

I’m just about at the end of the raglan increases and ready to separate sleeves from the body.   I’ll probably work the sleeves flat, because that’s faster for me and will add an extra couple of stitches for the seam.     I haven’t had a mooch through the button stash yet to find the perfect buttons or toggles but I’ll post photos when I choose.

This’ll be a Christmas gift and it’s good having a deadline to work to.   Edited to show finished item with some bright teal buttons.


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