Sock Knitters, do you leftover sock yarn? Then I have the project for you!

I’ll be the first to admit I am not much of a sock knitter. But I do love to wear hand knitted socks. I do make a lot of hats, cowls, shawls and even sweaters with sock yarns and I have various bags of leftover sock yarn. I tend to store them in colour groups which makes it easy when I’m looking for small amounts to add a bit of colour to a project.

The yarns in the photo below are leftovers from a shawl project, two cardigan projects and a hat.

Sock Yarn scaps for Vera, calling all sock knitters
Sock Yarn scaps for Vera, calling all sock knitters

Then I met Vera and she changed my life

Who is this mysterious Vera? How did she change my life?

Emma Sadler, a very good friend of mine, asked me to test knit her new pattern for the Vera Sweater. I was pleased to help and as most of my personal knitting is sweaters or cardigans for myself, it made a lot of sense. I needed a lighter sweater for layering and that would be suitable for Autumn as well as the cold, Winter weather.

Vera is a Sock Yarn Sweater and perfect for Sock Knitters

The main body of this classic, v-neck raglan sweater is knitted with a solid or semi solid sock yarn. But when you get to the sleeves you can go wild and knit a festival of colour using up your old sock yarns. It’s like a party going on all the way to the cuffs.

I usually have at least half a dozen sweaters or cardigans around the house waiting for sleeves. For those who don’t knit sweaters, Sleeve Island is the usual term for this, my sweater is stuck on sleeve island.

Sleeve Island is a big thing in this house and the oldest WIP (work in progress) I’ve found is a Chic Hoodie by Bonne Marie Burns which needs one sleeve. I can’t find the yarn, but I suppose I could rip out part of the sleeve that’s done and make it short sleeved? I digress, back to Vera.

BUT with Vera, I was so excited to get to the next colour of yarn scraps, the sleeves were knitted in a weekend. If you want to sign up for Emma’s newsletter and be notified when the pattern is released, sign up here. She usually does a discount code on launch, so don’t miss it.

Stanhope Sweater, another sock yarn stash buster

Earlier in the year, Emma released her Stanhope Sweater. Fans of Vera on ITV in the UK will recognise the names of the sweaters are inspired by the detective Vera Sanhope. A no-nonsense woman who tells it how it is.

I am trying to convince Emma that her original sample in a light curry colour is too big for her. She has lost weight and is looking fabulous. Really I’m doing her a favour by taking it off her hands, but so far it hasn’t arrived in the post.

Stanhope is another classic V neck, no fancy shaping, just clean lines and the sock yarn does ALL the work by showing off it’s colours, patterns and stealing the show.

Will you be knitting Stanhope or Vera for yourself this Autumn?

Stay safe, be well and be kind. See you again soon for more crafting, chat and yarny goodness.

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