Sensational sock knitting, my friends think I’m crazy

Are their plagues of locusts on the way? Is the world ending? No. So why am I sock knitting?

I had an urge last month to knit socks, I have NO idea why as I haven’t knitted socks in several years and even then it was either bulky/chunky weight or aran weight. Anything finer has me running for the door screaming.

But, I cast on some dk weight socks and knitted them over a weekend, then cast on another pair of socks using some West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK and again, they flow off the needles.

I’ve knitted one Aran weight sock by Mary E Rose Designs, called The Ultimate Answer because all sizes are 42 stitches. I’m half way through sock number two and still enjoying knitting them.

What is going on? I’m worried that next week I’ll find myself knitting a king sized duvet cover with 2mm needles and laceweight yarn.

There are several theories, some think I was abducted by aliens and the person typing this post is really an alien who took my place. I’m not really sure what their agenda would be in stealing a 50 something, lumpy Mum, but you never know?

To be fair, I find it hard to buy socks that fit my feet. I’m a UK size five but socks are usually sized 4-7 which means the heels stick out the back of my running shoes. Hmmm. My feet have been cold. Which is odd as the rest of me has been battling menopause symptoms and melting the frost on the car just be looking at it.

I know have two, almost three, pairs of socks that fit my feet perfectly. I did design some Aran weight socks, the Wheatsheaf Aran Socks, available on Ravelry, LoveCrafts or Payhip.

Are you sock knitting?

Sensational sock knitting gallery

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