Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns – Sensational Knit Socks and Crochet Socks

Hi everyone, I’ve been browsing the giant pattern bundle at the Indie Design Gift Along and looking through the Participating Designers list for 2018.   So much talent and incredible patterns for both knitting and crochet.

There are 349 designers, 263 knit designers, 51 crochet designers and 33 who offer both knit and crochet.

Today I wanted to highlight some of my favourite Indie Design Gift Along Sock Patterns.   I don’t usually knit socks but I do love to wear hand knit socks and love to play with colour.   This selection has inspired me to try harder this year and make more socks for ME.

I only found one pair of super bulky weight socks with a nice short row heel, these would be a quick knit and toasty warm.

TV Time Socks

Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns 1
A few bulky or chunky weight socks for you, also very quick to knit and very warm.  Fabulous chunky knit socks.

Happy Feet

Another quick knit, this time bulky yarn rather than super bulky.  I’ve made these, super quick and easy to adapt for size, think my second pair I used 4 less sts for a slimmer fit, but they really are my go-to cold day socks and are great for wearing with my wellies on a dog walk.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns 2

Stress Less

Bulky/chunky yarn, bit of garter, but of stocking st and enough interest to keep you going to the end, this has options for 4ply/fingering weight and bulky/chunky yarn.   I’ll be making a pair with chunk yarn for lolling on the sofa over the holidays.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns Stress Less
I made several pairs of these using some Sirdar Click Chunky yarn, they’re super warm and toasty.  Carolyn is a Mod in the Gift Along 2018 event and we love having her on the team.

don’t care

Chunky/bulky yarn, stripes and an edgy, pop of colour.   What’s not to love?    These are a great stash buster, you could use a self striping yarn and a plain yarn, or change colour every stripe, it’s all good.    This pattern is part of a larger ebook collection entitled ‘It’s not me, it’s you’ and that really makes me laugh.   Hand’s up anyone who ever had a break up and wanted to say that?   Me, me, me, lol.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns 4

Kari Slipper Socks

I’m planning a pair of these for myself and some for my son (who until his feet became as big as canoes) used to steal my hand knit socks and wear them.    Chunky/bulky yarn, nice little bit of pattern for interest and so cozy.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns 5

Marked Trail

I couldn’t miss this one off the list with it’s bright colourwork and the chance to use up leftover balls of yarn from other projects.     Bulky/chunky yarn and colourwork, really quick to make, that’s a win-win for me.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns 6

Fern Socks

At last, some crochet socks, in Aran weight yarn and the chance to stripe with colours and bust a bit more of that stash.    Pretty lace and simple stitches make a really warm, quick to make sock.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns Crochet socks

Amour Fou Socks

Aran weight yarn and great textures, this design is part of an ebook called Hubby Needs Socks, the other five patterns are all using 4ply/fingering weight yarn and are all sized for men.    This pair is a quick knit but if you fancy a slower knit with cables, texture and man friendly sizing, do check out the ebook.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns Crochet socks 8

Red Moss Socks

Aran knit, I love the photo and the texture pattern really pops in this rich, red.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns Crochet socks 9

Cam’s Camping Socks

Aran yarn so it’s a quick knit, cables and textures, suitable for both men and women, this’d be fab in a core neutral colour or in an accent colour to add a bit of fun to your outfit.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns Crochet socks 10

Lazy Weekend Socks

This cute pair of worsted weight socks is another fast knit, I have two colours of WOTA Worsted Superwash in my stash, Avocado and Amethyst Heather which are going to be perfect for these.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns knit socks

Comfy Cuff Socks

Crochet worsted socks this time, fun colour and textures for a warm and quick make.

Breakfast Waffles Socks

Waffle texture and warm, worsted weight yarn, easy to adapt for foot length for those with larger feet.


I couldn’t resist the cables on this one, great fun, worsted yarn so it’s still a quick knit and they’ll be so warm.
Indie Design Gift Along 2018 Sock Patterns knit socks

Aiden Reversible Socks

I know a few people who have made these and really rave about how great the pattern is, easy to adapt and it make use of those difficult hand dyed skeins you have no clue how to use.   Worsted weight yarn, Rios by Malabrigo would be my choice.

Winter Storm Socks

These cute and pretty cabled socks use dk weight yarn and are perfect for the fashionable speckled skeins you’ve acquired with no real idea of what you might make, the designer comments that her daughter has pinched them already, I’ll take that as a win.


I love colourwork and couldn’t resist this cute combination of greens to brighten even the coldest of days.

Vanilla is the New Black (Sport & DK)

Dk yarn/sport yarn, looks great plain or striped and I love the detail on the heels.


Sport weight yarn, dk might work well but a beautiful, warm sock for sitting by the fire and watching the dancing flames.

Cuddle Toes


I have been called a dragon in my time and these socks are perfect for the days I want to show my scales and breathe fire.

Happy Hoops

the first of our fingering weight/4ply socks and a great example of colourwork from Helen Gipson, a well written and clear pattern with a beautiful design.

A Song of Knits and Purls

Textured squares and a good neutral would make the perfect for the men in my family, who are often a little bit fussy about their socks.   It has texture so I’d enjoy the knitting but not such an obvious pattern that they’ll notice.

Arctic Blizzard

Wowsa colourwork and a great chance to use kettle dyed or hand dyed yarns for a stunning contrast.

Slip Slide Splash Socks

Slipped stitches and only one colour per row, mean this is the easiest colourwork you’ll find and the chance to make an odd ‘pair’ really appeals to me.  Awesome stash busting potential and even if they don’t match, my son would wear them.

Argyle Check Socks

I’m not sure where to start, I love the slipped stitch sole and heel, the garter stitch colourwork and travelling stitches, awesome!

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