Help me name my hat pattern, please

I knitted myself a hat, a plain 1×1 rib with a folded brim and simple crown decreases. A few people that have seen it would like me to write up the pattern because they find a basic knit (where someone else did the maths and all the measurements etc) to be relaxing as well as satisfying. Is that you as a knitter?

With my silly, British sense of humour I called it Ribbed for your Pleasure as a working title. To be fair, it is ribbed, it is relaxing, it is a pleasureable knit and requires very little headspace, just follow the directions and it works every time.

I suppose the only tricky bit for a new knitter is the folder brim, but they could just whip stitch or graft that later, making sure to retain the stretch in the fabric. Or go with the shorter brim option and not fold it.

The name, Ribbed for Your Pleasure, amused my teenage inner self and made me smile. But is it likely to offend in a year when so many people are determined to be offended by anything and everything?

I don’t want to add to the strife, but then I don’t want to be something I’m not. I do have a silly sense of humour. Wit and puns amuse me which is why I love QI and other similar shows which play with words.

Ribbed for Your Pleasure hat, knitted with Cascade 220 in light grey, used almost all of one skein.  Hat is shown laid flat on teal washed plank background.
Ribbed for Your Pleasure hat, knitted with Cascade 220 in light grey 8041, used almost all of one skein. Hat is shown laid flat on teal washed plank background.

A new collection coming in the New Year, a fresh start for 2021

I will be launching a new range in the New Year, this news is exclusive to you and hasn’t been talked about elsewhere. I wanted to design a range of basic knits that anyone could make with enough information for a beginner, links to tutorials and other helpful information. But, with all of the maths and measuring done for the experienced knitter who just wants a break for modifying this, or making up their own thing. To relax, de-stress and enjoy the process of knitting an easy item.

As I live near Ulverston, which overlooks the beautiful Morecambe Bay and sits just outside the Lake District National Park and World Heritage site, I am fortunate to enjoy beautiful views every day. I wanted to celebrate an area that doesn’t have masses of tourism, but is less than 30 minutes from the Lakes and has all of the beauty.

I’m toying with the idea of calling the collection Bay6 (a play on basics obviously) but also to celebrate the area where I live, work and which inspires me every day.

What do you think?

Do I stick with my cheeky pattern name for the hat?

Do you like the idea of Bay6 and the join celebration of basic, relaxing knitting and the beauty of Morecambe Bay?

Let me know your thoughts, I’d like to hear them, either by email to or message me on social media @woollymadlydeeply on IG, lor-artemis on

Have a great day and stay safe.


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