Clarice Gomes, Indie Design Gift A-Long 2019 Interview

Today we’re chatting to a good friend of mine, Clarice Gomes, tell us a little about you Clarice.

I’m a fifty-something years old Portuguese woman with two grown-up sons and live in the Lisbon area. I have a full-time job in HR and a passion for designing knitting pieces, mainly shawls.

Marafado by Clarice Gomes

Marafado by Clarice Gomes

How did you get into knitting/crochet and who taught you? 

My Godmother taught me how to crochet when I was 6 and my Mom taught me to knit two or three years later. I still treasure the doll clothes I made back then!
While living with my parents, I knitted jumpers and pullovers for everybody at home, so now I avoid them.

What made you want to start designing?

As a young adult, I never followed knitting patterns for my projects. Magazines inspired me and taught me about shapes and stitches and I did the rest. When I restarted knitting, I discovered patterns and followed them eagerly. But at some point, it wasn’t enough.

The final thrust into designing was curiosity, realizing I could do it. And the restlessness of wanting something different, something that wasn’t available. And the will to prove that there is always a way to get the result you want. Or ten, you just have to choose your own.

Tertúlia by Clarice Gomes

Tertúlia by Clarice Gomes

What’s you favourite part of the design process?

After having knit the first sample, adjusting it to make it simpler and intuitive for others to knit.

What inspires you?

A new yarn, an unusual shape, browsing through knitting books and patterns – inspiration comes from unexpected places sometimes.
Despertares Shawl by Clarice Gomes

Despertares Shawl by Clarice Gomes


Are you a full-time or part-time designer and how does that fit into your life?

I’m a part-time designer only. Thinking about knitting and stitches and lace is one of the ways my brain uses to relax, so pretty much every free moment I dream of new patterns.

Do you have a favourite thing to design and why?

My favourite thing to design is shawls. I like the challenge of combining stitches in a way that looks natural like they were conceived just for that, even if they came from different sources or just my own thinking.
Aconchego by Clarice Gomes

Aconchego by Clarice Gomes


Do you have much time to make things for yourself or for gifting?

I don’t have much knitting time, I usually focus on working my samples. I wear them all especially the shawls, but sometimes gift one (shawl, cowl or hat) to close friends or family.

If someone knitted or crocheted a gift item for you, what would you love the most?

Surprise: a shawl!

Despertares by Clarice Gomes

Despertares by Clarice Gomes

Do you have a favourite yarn and why?

Most yarns have something to say to me. But I love the colours of Dyed by Alfinete, an amazing Portuguese dyer.
I confess to having a weakness for single-ply yarns: give me Malabrigo Mechita and I’ll knit and design happily .

What’s your favourite of your own designs and what do you love about it?

My favourite pattern is usually the one I just published, so, for now, it is Marafado. The word Marafado is a regionalism from Algarve (the south region of Portugal), and means playful, even elfish. That truly defines this pattern: when you think you know what to do next, you’re wrong, this time it’s different, it plays with you and surprises you and at the end presents you with a magnificent shawl.
Saltimbanco by Clarice Gomes

Saltimbanco by Clarice Gomes

Is there anything new you can tell us about or a recent design you’d like to chat about?

I’m working with a yarn brand and this collaboration will result in a look book to be published in 2020, if all goes well.

What’s your favourite colour?

All but yellow.

Inverno by Clarice Gomes

Inverno by Clarice Gomes

Have you been a participating designer in the Indie Gift Along before and what do you love most about it?

It’s my 5th year already!
It’s an amazing group of crafters from all over the world, chatting, changing experiences and supporting each other in the most amazing ways.
One of the most enriching aspects is to get to know the persons behind the beautiful patterns of the event.

Which Gift Along 2019 designers inspire you and why?

They all are inspiring and it’s difficult to point just a few.
I’ll start highlighting of our team leaders, like You Loraine, finding time in their busy schedules to devote top this project.
There are amazing crochet designers on the GAL, like Natalia Knonova. We end up with a new perspective of crochet following their work.
As for knitting, the way Lily Go combines lace with textures always surprises me as do the travelling stitches on Triona Murphy designs and the colour work of Sara Huntington Burch.
And so many others!

How do people get in touch with you or see more of your work?


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