Cilla Webb, Indie Design Gift A-Long 2019 Interview

Today we’re chatting to knitwear designer Cilla Webb, tell us a little about yourself please Cilla.

I’m a mum of two growing boys (7 and 11), a wife to a lovely husband and a teacher of the Deaf in a wonderful school with a hearing impaired unit. I was born in Belgium but have lived in the UK for the last 15 years. I have a super dopey German Shepherd and a grumpy old Ragdoll cat. I spend most of my (very sparse) free time reading, drawing or knitting.

Cilla has a Mystery Knit Along running at the moment, check it out here

How did you get into knitting/crochet and who taught you?

My mum taught me to knit when I was 6. There was always quite the stash of yarn at our house, so knitting became a popular past time for my sister and I. I stopped knitting as a teen but picked up the needles again when I was pregnant with my 1st child.

What made you want to start designing?

When Zander (now 11!) was a toddler, he loved playing with teddies but often got annoyed if he could take the clothes off and redress them, as many teddy outfits were sewn on. I decided to make him his very own Elephant with a track suit, which led to my first design: Elefred.

What’s you favourite part of the design process?

My favourite part of the process is gifting the finished project to someone. Usually my 7 year old runs off with them before I have the chance to think of a recipient though!

What inspires you?

I love to draw and often will sit and doodle creatures and characters which then need to come to life in yarn! Quite often, my boys will request a toy and they can be very specific with the details!
Puppy Pal by Cilla Webb

Puppy Pal by Cilla Webb

Are you a full-time or part-time designer and how does that fit into your life?

I am a full time mum, full time teacher of the deaf and part time designer… I honestly don’t see how I fit it all in! I often find myself wishing for more hours in the day, especially for sleeping!

Do you have a favourite thing to design and why?

I love designing characters with individual outfits as they are so much fun to make. I love anything quirky and whimsical.
Christmas Mice Knitivity by Cilla Webb

Christmas Mice Knitivity by Cilla Webb


Do you have much time to make things for yourself or for gifting?

I very rarely knit for myself. I ran a knitting club at school last year and the children often asked if I had knitted the clothes I was wearing but sadly they were all shop bought. My new year’s resolution this year will be to knit something for myself once in a while… and to destash (… yeah right!)

If someone knitted or crocheted a gift item for you, what would you love the most?

I would love a handmade jumper! My mum has made me some nice woolly jumpers in the past and I adore them! I’m always cold so I love wrapping up in something warm, made with love.

Do you have a favourite yarn and why?

I love Alpaca yarn. It’s so soft and not as itchy as sheep wool – one day I want to be the proud owner of my own little herd of fluffy alpacas!
Festive Tomte Gnomes by Cilla Webb

Festive Tomte Gnomes by Cilla Webb

What’s your favourite of your own designs and what do you love about it?

My favourite design is my Christmas Mice Knitivity… it was such a huge project to start and I had put if off for so long but I’m so pleased I managed to complete it last year and it is now proudly sitting on my book shelf, ready for Christmas!

Is there anything new you can tell us about or a recent design you’d like to chat about?

I released my Festive Tomte Gnomes earlier this week and they’ve been a huge hit! I’m also hoping to release some accessories next year, which will make a nice change from toys.

What’s your favourite colour?

Orange! It’s bright and warm and sunny!

Have you been a participating designer in the Indie Gift Along before and what do you love most about it?

I participated last year and a few times before that and I just love looking at all the fun projects on the forum threads. It’s a great way to support your favourite designers and discover new talent!

Which Gift Along 2019 designers inspire you and why?

There’s so many talented designers this year, it’s hard to pick a favourite! I love Sloane Rosenthal’s cable work, Darlene Swaim has the most amazing stockings, Tania Richter has some really cool stranded knits that the boys in my household would go mad over!

How do people get in touch with you or see more of your work?

The best place to contact me would be on Ravelry as that is the platform I check most often.


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