Roll over the Top test knit

Roll over the Top test knit

The Roll over the Top test knit has been great fun and been a very enjoyable knit. I signed up because I’d seen Jutta’s original sample garment in a beautiful, rich green that glowed like jewels.

Roll over the Top, front view

I’ve knitted her Simply Perfect Summer Top and her Summerline Top and wear those a lot. All three patterns are top down, working the back down to the armholes, then working left and right fronts down to the armholes. The lower body on each pattern has details to keep the knitter interested and they are all very quick knits.

Roll over the Top

Roll over the Top features garter borders with a 1 st icord edge on the arms and neckline. The centre front has the same garter panel with a slip st pattern which is repeated at the side panels under the arms and down to the hem of the body. The top is a V neck and all the bands, edgings are knit as you go. Once the knitting is done, you just have a few ends to weave in.

I’ve knitted Summerline using some Drops Belle and Jutta recommended a yarn with a linen blend for good drape for this project. I chose the Moss Green colourway, it’s a soft, muted and warm green. As I usually find with Drops Belle, I need to go up a needle size to get the stitch gauge/tension needed for the pattern.

I started knitting size large, which would give me a little negative ease at the bust, then once the body was joined to work down and in the round, I added some increases to make it slightly more Aline and working towards the stitch counts for the XL lower body.

By the time I had worked just over 13 inches into the lower body from the under arm I had used only 4 balls of yarn.

Roll over the Top Side View


Once the increases are completed and the top is the desired length for you (allowing extra because linen loses some length after washing), the fronts and back are worked separately with a notched side.

Body Shaping

Jutta includes a slight Aline shaping and also an option for wider hips like mine, so I did more increases that you might need.

The optional bust darts add length and shaping to the front and worked really well with my curves.

Have you knitted a summer top for yourself yet? What colour would you make and why?

Our Modular Cardigan Knitting Pattern Collection

Our Modular Cardigan Knitting Pattern Collection

Introducing our Modular Cardigan Knittern Pattern Collection

Our Modular Cardigan Collection is available on for a discounted price, compared to buying individual patterns.

Our original design was the Amazing Modular Baby Cardigan

This pattern was the result of accidental messing around with some Lion Brand Amazing yarn.  I loved seeing how it knitted up in modular squares.  I ended up designing the Amazing Modular Baby Cardigan which is super cute and so popular 7 years later.

Amazing Modular Baby Cardigan Pattern

Amazing Modular Baby Cardigan Pattern

Next on the list and by request was the Adult Modular Cardigan

This time I knitted the cardigan with some Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice (a heavy worsted/aran weight) yarn.  It’s a boxy Chanel style jacket and sized from 32-64 inch bust.  You can buy the Adult Modular Cardigan pattern here.

Adult Modular Cardigan Pattern

Adult Modular Cardigan Pattern

Next is the Sockyarn Modular Baby Jacket

The Sockyarn Modular Baby Jacket was designed to a skein or just over for the largest size, of sock yarn.  It means you can use up those odd skeins of superwash sock.  Also, a busy Mum can have a machine washable version of the cardigan.

 Sockyarn Modular Baby Jacket

Sockyarn Modular Baby Jacket

Modular Kids Cardigan sized for birth to 12 years approx

The sample for the Modular Kids Cardigan, is knitted with James Brett Marble Chunky and is a very quick knit.  It’s always a big hit at show.  Every loves this Autumnal colourway.  You could use any chunky yarn.  But I do love the Brett Marble Chunky and it’s easy to wash for busy parents.

Kids Modular Cardigan Pattern

Kids Modular Cardigan Pattern

Aline Modular Cardigan

This green sample knitted and worn by the gorgeous Mirella is our Aline Modular Cardigan, sizes from 32-64 inch bust.  The lower body has a gentle Aline shape to flatter your figure.  Knitted with Aran/Heavy Worsted Weight yarn, it’s a quick and fun knit with no seaming.

Adult Modular Cardigan Pattern

Adult Modular Cardigan Pattern

Why Knit a Modular Cardigan?

Well, I didn’t enjoy seaming in those days.   Isn’t it amazing how creative the brain can be when it wants to get away from doing something it doesn’t like?   Since then, I’ve learned to love seaming.  It does add structure to some garments.  The modular joining method used in these patterns gives as structure and strength to the garment but without the need for seaming.

If you are new to modular knitting, you can join pieces later and knit them in separate pieces.   But, I promise it’s worth learning.  Just trust the pattern and follow the instructions.  I’m here to help if you need me.

All pieces are join as you go, knitted on from one another, sometimes in another direction.  You won’t get bored, that’s for sure!

You can learn how to make squares on the bias for a lovely draping fabric, how to strategically place decreases to make a half square and show the seams as a decorative element.   There’s lots to learn but I promise that an adventurous beginner will be able to do it!

Do I need to add the icord edgings to my finished garment?

In short, yes you do.  The iCord edgings are there for a reason.  For the baby modular cardigan, they help to size the garment and bring in the neckline and shoulders to fit the child.  If you don’t add the icord edging to the cardigan you’ll end up with a floppy, oversized garment for your child.

For the Kids and Adults sizes, it’s not essential, but it does provide a professional finish to your garment.  by this time, you’ll have spent money on a pattern, some lovely yarn and your precious time.   I’d have thought an extra few hours to take your cardigan from That’s Nice to WOW was absolutely worth it?

It’s a little bit of icord to knit.  Take a deep breath, sit in a comfy chair, grab a cuppa and binge watch your favourite series on Netflix.




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