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Festive Hoodie Mug Cozies pattern Christmas Knitting

Festive Hoodie Mug Cozies

Introducing our super cute Festive Hoodie Mug Cozies, or should that be Mug Cosy?   Anyway, just in time for Christmas knitting, these super cute mug cozies will warm your heart and your cuppa.   With a hood just big enough to hold your cookies or shortbread, you’re good to go.   Linky here to purchase the pdf pattern for the  Festive Hoodie Mug Cozies

Festive Hoodie Mug Cozies Pattern by Loraine Birchall

Festive Hoodie Mug Cozies Pattern by Loraine Birchall

About the Festive Hoodie Mug Cozies

I woke up one morning and with a desperate need to knit and design a mug cozy.   I knew I wanted a Santa Mug Cozy, so he was the starting point, but then I had so many ideas all at once.   I’m still thinking about a Bigfoot Cozy, what do you think?

The Christmas knitting theme turned into something of an obsession.  Now there are four characters, Santa Claus or Father Christmas Cozy, Elf ‘n’ Safety Cozy, Gingerbread Man (or lady) Cozy and a Snowman (or Snowlady) Cozy.

I wanted to add a hood to the mug cozy to make it stand out from the crowd.  I think it works well and it was fun to play around with the design.

A friend, Folksworthfarmer suggested that if that hood would hold biscuits, then she was sold.   Helen also kindly sent the Christmas tree buttons used on the Elf Cozies and black buttons for Santa’s jacket.

Thanks to bluesocks, who brought a selection of bells in assorted colours and sizes.  I used these for the points of the cozy hoods and as cute buttons on the snowman cozy.

The body of the cozies are knitted sideways and it’s easy to customize the length to fit the circumference of your favourite mug. Stitch counts are include for 3 1/2 inch depth and 4 inch depth standard mugs and as written they will stretch to go round a 10-11 inch round mug.

The cozies have knitted arms with mittens, the arms are worked from the fingertips up to the top of the arm/sleeve. I used Judy’s Magic Cast On, but feel free to just use longtail cast on and seam the fingertips of the mittens afterwards.

The Snowman has optional twig arms or you can make the mitten/sleeve arms to match the other cozies.  I enjoyed knitting the twig arms for the snowman cozy.  They’re very quick to knit and use only scraps of yarn.

Instructions are included for striped options for arms and hoods.

I used duplicate stitch to add a belt for Santa Cozy, Elves Cozies or the Gingerbread Man Cozy and also to add a ribbon for the gift embellishment.

I’ve had fun sewing on bells to the hoods, using them instead of buttons or ‘coal’ on the Snowman Cozy and adding the Christmas Trees, Sacks and Gifts to each character.

The expected gauge/tension is 20st/28 rows per 4 inch/10cm and I used a variety of yarns from DK, Aran, Worsted, 4ply/fingering weight double stranded. It’s a great way to use up scraps. Use the needle size that gets you 20 sts over 4 inches and it’ll work just fine. The length is easily adapted to fit a wider mug, or smaller one.

Make as many or as few as you like.  Play around with colours, stripes and I’d love to see one in stranded knitting.  I hope you love them as much as I do.  My friends have had great fun customizing their Elf Cozies and I love what they’ve come up with.

With grateful thanks to bluesocks, who test knitted the pattern, tried them with a variety of yarns and is the most amazing friend.

Linky here to purchase the pdf pattern for the  Festive Hoodie Mug Cozies


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