Roll over the Top test knit

Roll over the Top test knit

The Roll over the Top test knit has been great fun and been a very enjoyable knit. I signed up because I’d seen Jutta’s original sample garment in a beautiful, rich green that glowed like jewels.

Roll over the Top, front view

I’ve knitted her Simply Perfect Summer Top and her Summerline Top and wear those a lot. All three patterns are top down, working the back down to the armholes, then working left and right fronts down to the armholes. The lower body on each pattern has details to keep the knitter interested and they are all very quick knits.

Roll over the Top

Roll over the Top features garter borders with a 1 st icord edge on the arms and neckline. The centre front has the same garter panel with a slip st pattern which is repeated at the side panels under the arms and down to the hem of the body. The top is a V neck and all the bands, edgings are knit as you go. Once the knitting is done, you just have a few ends to weave in.

I’ve knitted Summerline using some Drops Belle and Jutta recommended a yarn with a linen blend for good drape for this project. I chose the Moss Green colourway, it’s a soft, muted and warm green. As I usually find with Drops Belle, I need to go up a needle size to get the stitch gauge/tension needed for the pattern.

I started knitting size large, which would give me a little negative ease at the bust, then once the body was joined to work down and in the round, I added some increases to make it slightly more Aline and working towards the stitch counts for the XL lower body.

By the time I had worked just over 13 inches into the lower body from the under arm I had used only 4 balls of yarn.

Roll over the Top Side View


Once the increases are completed and the top is the desired length for you (allowing extra because linen loses some length after washing), the fronts and back are worked separately with a notched side.

Body Shaping

Jutta includes a slight Aline shaping and also an option for wider hips like mine, so I did more increases that you might need.

The optional bust darts add length and shaping to the front and worked really well with my curves.

Have you knitted a summer top for yourself yet? What colour would you make and why?

A tale of three Edie’s 2018-20

A tale of three Edie’s 2018-20

I have talked in other blog posts about the Edie top by Isabell Kraemer and it’s a favourite knitting pattern of mine. Perfect for summer with short sleeves or for autumn/winter with long sleeves. It’s simple slip stitch pattern adds interest, or knit it plain like I did with my second Edie.

My first Edie top

Edie is knit top down in the round with raglan sleeves. It’s easy to adapt to suit your preferred fit and includes shaping for the waist or aline options. I knitted my first in Drops Belle using the dark purple, a rich plummy colour. I’ve worn it a lot in summer, but also in spring and autumn with a long sleeved top underneath. The yarn is a linen blend and softens a bit more every time it’s washed. It wears well and I can’t see any pilling. I added a quick edging of single crochet around the neckline to tighten that slightly and it does look good.

I started the top in size M1, then increased in the lower body to an L to give an Aline shape

My second Edie top

My second Edie was a reuse of some Wendy Supreme Cotton/Silk yarn in the colour Linen which is a warm, rich wheat colour. I added more slip stitch patterning to this one and it works so well. I love it. It’s hard to photograph and almost looks like it’s had a bath in some tea which a kettle dyed effect to the colouring.

I made this in size M for the upper body then increased to XL for the lower body using a dk weight yarn.

My third Edie top

My third, but not my final, Edie top is using 4ply/fingering weight yarn, a soft and beautiful bamboo/cotton blend by King Cole, it’s using the Coral colourway which is warmer than in the photo.

I added body length, a bit of rib pattern, just one repeat, and a couple of more short rows to the lower body. I lengthened the sleeves to elbow length, as I did with the other two Edie tops. I made the L upper body increasing to XL for the lower body and used only 265g of fingering weight yarn. A very economical knit and great for using up stash. I used 3.5mm needles for this version, as per the pattern, it gives a lovely drape for 4ply yarn but still knits up very quickly. This one, in among work and life took just 3 weeks on and off.

Edie Top in Bamboo Cotton 4ply by King Cole, colour Coral
My top in King Cole Bamboo/Cotton 4ply, colourway Coral.

Edie is a very versatile pattern, it’s easy to knit plain or add texture patterning for a bit of fun. The v neck is very flattering on most figures and looks lovely with crew neck tee underneath on cooler days. Sizing goes up to just under a 60 inch bust/chest and is easy to adapt in terms of underarm depth, sleeve fit, waist shaping or aline shaping.

If I have enough of the Verde green Bamboo Cotton left over from my Tidewater top, then I’ll knit another Edie in that colour. It’s a rich, zingy lime colour and I love it.

I’m looking at cardigan patterns to find the perfect companion for the Bamboo/Cotton version of Edie, maybe in the same colour to match or in a neutral to go with it. I’m not sure yet. I confess to liking a Twin Set, it’s a classic look and so practical for our English climate which blows hot, cool, warm or wet in one day. A cropped cardigan might work well but I’m inclined to go longer and add plenty of waist/hip shaping to flatter my curves rather than overwhelm them.

Have you knitted an Edie top yet? What colour would you make and why?

Summer Top Patterns I love for 2020

Summer Top Patterns I love for 2020

Summer top patterns I love for 2020, this includes but summer top knitting and crochet patterns. Feel free to click the links below and skip to the craft that interests you, or if you’re like me and bicraftual, enjoy them all.

Summer Top Knitting Patterns I love for 2020

First up is Seven Senses by Anne B Hanssen a very pretty lace yoke top with short sleeves (you could add length if you wanted) and worked from the top down in the round. The hem and sleeves are finished with an icord bind off, but you could easily go for garter or ribbing if you preferred. It’s a design that’s easy to adapt and being top down you can try on as you go.

Last week I finished knitting my 3rd Edie by Isabell Kraemer, it’s my go-to Summer Top pattern and very easy to adapt to fit your body shape. My latest Edie is knitted with some Bamboo Cotton 4ply yarn in a coral colourway. I am super pleased with it. I’ll post a photo when I can get my son to take one of me wearing it, but for now, enjoy Isabell wearing hers. It’s top down in the round and features a simple slip stitch pattern which also helps with any spiral effect caused by working in the round. My previous two Edie’s were knitted with Drops Belle in the darker purple and Wendy Supreme Cotton/Silk in a colour called linen which is like warm wheat. I wear them both a lot in Summer and they both wash beautifully.

A new release from last week caught my eye, another Jutta Hinterm Stein triumph called Hot in the City, it’s knitting top down in 4ply/fingering weight yarn, linen or similar with good drape would work well. It has a V neck and a V pattern on the upper back and lower body. I’ve knitted some of her other designs and the patterns are very well written.

Another favourite is the Lesley Tee by Noma Ndlovu, with it’s fabulous swing shape and fabulous twisted stitch panels to create beautiful vertical lines on the lower body. It’s stunning. Worked from the top down, raglan sleeves and easy to fit to your body shape.

I love Jessie Maed’s summer tops but this one is my favourite. The Ripple Bralette has a simple ribbed pattern to add vertical lines and lots of stretch to skim your curves.

The Hoi An Top pattern by Nomad Stitches features a pretty lace pattern on the body and the sample is knitted in Drops Belle, a linen blend yarn, perfect for summer knits.

I love this top, it’s called Summer Sorrel and is another size inclusive pattern from Wool & Pine. This project by DrSabrina uses the most beautiful gradient set and the colours look amazing on her. It’s a style that suits many body shapes and great for busting some stash.

I’ve knitted Summerline by Hintern Stein using the teal colour of Drops Belle, it’s a fabulous design with super clever construction and knitted top down with options for shaping the body to suit you and also bust shaping. I wear mine a lot and everyone who sees it loves it.

The Radiance Tank pattern by Rebecca McKenzie is a very pretty summer top to knit, it’s worked bottom up with a charted design on the hem, with it’s flattering scoop neck you could knit this in one of your Wow colours or a great neutral to go with everything.

One of my good friends from the Gift Along is Nidhi Kansal, she’s a regular part of Team Bundle and has some fabulous designs. It’s hard to choose but the Summer of ’16 top is a winner with it’s dipped him, texture pattern down the front and beautiful edgings will be a wow knit to wear in any summer. Check out her designs, in particular the Smriti shawl which is utterly fabulous.

I knitted a Yume top for myself and finished it earlier this year. I have some terracotta coloured cotton set aside to knit another for Summer, it’s another Isabell Kraemer design and really easy to adapt to fit.

This spectacular sideways knit summer top from Jimenez Joseph will turns heads for all the right reasons. It’s called Pixham and features a beautiful pattern running over the shoulders and across the upper body on both back and front, it’s gorgeous.

Amira by Ranee Mueller is a pretty lace top, no body shaping, but with negative or no ease will skim those curves beautifully. The boatneck is flattering, it’s worked flat and seamed and is an easy to remember lace pattern, you’ll be wearing it in no time at all.

i think I told you in my last post about knitting Tidewater by Laura Aylor, another top down knit, nice details and other than a few ends to weave in, no finishing to do once the knitting is done. It’s a great way to use up sock yarns, cotton, bamboo or silk for summer wear. It would be a pretty three season piece worn over a long sleeve tee.

I’ll do another round up next month as there will no doubt be lots more to choose from but my last knit pattern for today is another Hinterm Stein, this time Simply Perfect Summer Top. I knitted mine in Debble Bliss Prima, a wool/silk blend and I love it. It’s very wearable and washes well. Aline and straight body options to suit most figures and in a good range of sizes.

I love Alicia Plummer’s designs and her latest summery top is Fable, it’d be lovely in a wool for cooler days or a soft cotton for summer.

Summer Top Crochet Patterns I love for 2020

First up is Manna by Ruth Brasch, click on the photo for the link to the pattern page on Ravelry. It’s crocheted with a 5.5mm hook and worsted weight yarn. I love this colour, so pretty and perfect for a summer day. It’s sized for 28″ through to 64″ chest/bust in a cropped or longer length.

This pretty mesh top will be quick to crochet, worked flat and seamed with worsted weight yarn it’ll be a fast make. It’s called Summertime Tee by Toni Lipsey.

Open Waves Top by Rose Obom is another beautiful top, I like the v neck and lacy pattern, using sport weight yarn this will be light and airy for hot days. It is sized up to 4XL and will suit a range of body shapes. I love this neutral used in the sample, it’ll go with so many items in my wardrobe.

My Favourite Jeans Top by Natalie @ Detroit Knits is a fabulous way to use gradient sets or stash bust in your favourite colours. The V shaping on the body is flattering to many figures and skims the curves beautifully.

The Dragonfly Tee by Elisabeth Desamour is a fun cami style top with a sporty look. The cute dragonfly motifs on the body are a fun way to use a pop of colour or you could go with a neutral and just one colour for a classic look.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up of my current favourites for this summer. What are yours? Do say hi on Facebook and let me know on our Woolly Madly Deeply page.


Crafting during Covid kept me sane and happy in 2020

Crafting during Covid kept me sane and happy in 2020

Have you been crafting during Covid? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been crafting a lot more during the Covid lockdown. I work from home most days on either my designs, volunteering in my community and dealing with orders as they come in. But, for me, crafting is my joy.

My first project was my go-to when I’m stressed and that’s to crochet a blanket. I had some of Lucy at Attic 24’s colour packs in the house, which I have gathered over several years with a few projects in mind. I love Autumn colours and was immediately drawn to the Woodland Blanket Pack. I didn’t want to crochet the ripple blanket, but I did love the Granny Stripe Blanket. I find it relaxing to crochet stripes, it’s easy, it’s repetitive and it kept my brain calm during the stressful days immediately following our lockdown.

Crafting during covid, crocheted Woodland Granny Stripe Blanket
Woodland Granny Stripe Blanket

The first full day of lockdown here was my birthday and my son and I were both ill with suspected Covid19 and felt dreadful. It was a good two to three weeks before either of us felt well again and probably another month after that before we got back our sense of taste and smell. We both feel very lucky to have recovered but he bounced back a lot faster than I did being young and fit.

Knitting and Crafting Along Through Covid

At the time, Emma Sadler and I had just launched our first Cowlabunga KAL event and I had to tidy myself up for the launch live on Facebook on 19th March. I felt like death warmed up, but plenty of painkillers and hot tea did help, even if I couldn’t taste any of it. We made the choice that week to try and get online and chat live on most days during the first month of lockdown.

We missed one day out of 30 but kept going most days per week and gradually tapered off to the Thursday night and Sunday afternoon we are doing now. From 14th February, our first live on FB, we’re completed our 72nd live/session on Sunday 28th June. Our videos are loaded onto our YouTube Channel and you can see them here.

Yarndale, Woolfest and my Lady Mary Hat

Emma, our friend Helen and I were due to meet last Friday/Saturday for Woolfest. We had cleared the two days and booked our accommodation etc. I was upset to see it was cancelled due to Covid19 but completely understood it was the right decision to make. The last time we met up was at Yarndale where I bought this amazing hat from Felt By Bridget.

Lady Mary Hat from Yarndale, felted by Bridget
My gorgeous hat by Felt By Bridget, I absolutely love it and it reminds me so much of the amazing day we spent together at Yarndale in 2019.

Crafting for me

I wanted to knit myself some Summer tops and love Jutta Hinterm Stein’s patterns. She released a new one for testing last week called Hot in the City and I’m helping to test the pattern. I’m using some Drops Belle in the Moss Green colourway. It’s a fabulous yarn, softens with washing and wears really well.

Roll over the Top test knit for Jutta Hinterm Stein

I am about a third of the way through knitting Tidewater by Laura Aylor, this is in 4ply using some Bamboo Cotton 4ply in the Verde colourway, a zingy, green. I added sleeves but they’re not in the pattern, but I do prefer to keep my upper arms under wraps.

Tidewater by Laura Aylor, crafting for me
Tidewater using Bamboo Cotton 4ply in a bright, zingy green, it’s a bit grey in this photo though.

Last week I finished knitting my Edie top, by Isabell Kraemer, it’s my go-to knit for Summer and I’ve made one with Drops Belle, one with some Wendy Cotton/Silk dk and now this one with the Bamboo Cotton 4ply in Coral. I will get a photo of me wearing it, I promise but I do wear it in our Live on FB and YouTube on 25th June.

Edie by Isabell Kraemer, using bamboo cotton 4ply
Edie by Isabelle Kraemer

Crafting for Carers

I did crochet about 50 of the mask/ear savers using some Rowan All Season’s Cotton in a light green. I used up all my 1/2inch and 1inch button stash on them but hopefully they made life a bit more comfortable for the Doctors and Nurses at local surgeries.

What did you make during lockdown? Did it help you to relax and feel better during all the upheaval?

Say Hi on Facebook and let me know, I’d love to see your craft projects.


Knitting Across The Pennines Ep 38 18th April 2020

Knitting Across The Pennines Ep 38 18th April 2020

Knitting Across The Pennines Ep 38 18th April 2020

We recorded our first video podcast on Valentine’s Day 2020, We’re learning all the time and getting better with the tech, but at heart we are knitters and crocheters, that’s what we do best. Today’s chat and checking in with everyone to see how we are all doing with our social distancing or quarantine.

We had a longer chat and Virtual Knit Night to keep one another company and our spirits high. As we both work from our homes for our knitwear designs we’re calling our drinks/beverages a Quarantini while we socially isolate ourselves to stay safe. We show off some recently finished knitting objects (FOs) and we also link to the patterns mentioned below the video.

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If you’d like to see any of those videos, we’ve shared links on Facebook, you can see the live on Facebook and also on our Youtube Channel Knitting Across The Pennines with Emma and Loraine.

Today we are chatting about colourwork, stranded knitting, stripes with lace, tension/gauge issues, floats and how they differ.

We have a free Facebook group where we go live once a fortnight for our Q&A and also post our pre-recorded video content in between.

Our Cowlabunga KAL starts mid March with the hashtags #knittingacrossthepennines and #cowlabunga There will be prizes for the best FO’s made during the KAL and spot prizes of pattern codes for FO and WIP photos shared on social media with the two hashtags.

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Emma Sadler of Emma Sadler Designs and Loraine Birchall of Woolly Madly Deeply. We design knitwear and some crochet items. Emma is based in Yorkshire, East of the Pennines and Loraine is based in Cumbria, West of the Pennines.

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