A year with my camera Feb2020

A friend of mine on Ravelry.com found a free email course called A Year With My Camera and signed up to start the February 2020 class.

What is A Year With My Camera?

A Year With My Camera is a free email based online photography course that runs for one year from the start date.

The photography classes start on the 6th of the month and run through for a full year.   A group of us in the Indie GAL After Party Group, some designers, some crafters, decided to work through the year together for moral support and a bit of a natter.

There is an optional phone app to accompany the course which you have to pay approx £5 for the year, but frankly it’s peanuts compared to what I’ve learned on just the first day.

The course itself is best if you have a DSLR Camera, but even people with just a phone camera have learned a great deal from the course just by knowing what settings they can change.

Am I going to tell you about the first day and what I learned?  No, you need to do the course yourself 🙂

But, if you’re interested in photography and have a Digital camera with fancy settings you haven’t a clue how to use, I think it’s worth an investment of a few pounds and your time.

The course is free, there are optional upsells that are mentioned but not shoved in your face.  They include two workbooks, available on Amazon and a video version of the course for the visual learners among us.

In the spirit of sharing, here is a truly awful shot of me wearing a new cowl design I’ve been working on.  I am hoping to see a dramatic improvement in my photography skills, and let’s face it, there’s a lot of room for improvement!

Loraine wearing Behind The Green Door Cowl

Loraine wearing Behind The Green Door Cowl